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The Museum Of Space-Related Things

The Museum Of Space-Related Things

The Complete And Utter History Of Dr WHO? (Part Sixteen)

Doctroro Who and his special helpers put their clothes on and embarked on an other exciting adventure as they done a landing in 'The Museum In Space' as the story was called.

Actually, they done a landing near the museum in space, as they had to walk on some sand, but they did not leave any footprints as there were in a time they were not supposed to have been walked.
The Docto said he had always thought there would be a Space Museum, which is not such a clever thing to say, really, when you think about it. Every museum I ever have done a visit to has been a Space Museum, really, as:

(a): the Earth IS in Space, so therefore every museum that is on the Earth is also in Space (which is bigger than the Earth according to the latest theories)


(b): museums are named after the things that are inside them, such as the Science Museum (which has Science inside it) and the Museum Of The Moving Image (the contents of which may be also guessed at). But every single museum MUST have some space in it, as otherwise there would be no room for visitors and they would have to stand outside and look through the window or something.

Thus I have proved that every museum is a Space Museum at least twice (but only once if you cannot get inside them as there is too much stuff littering up the corridors).

Anyhow, in this Museum there was a machine that could reads minds and as this incarceration of Dr Whop had a mind they could read his. They asked him how he got there and he thought of a Victorian bicycle with an uncomfortable saddle, but that were a bit of a fib really, as he currently had three specialist friends and in truth it would either need to be a really long one (like in 'The Goodies') or it would need a side-car of some sort (like in 'On The Buses' or 'Last Of The Summer Wine').

He also thought of himself in a skimpy bathing costume, but it is probably best not to dwell on that too much...

The story were writ by Glen ('Or Glenda') James who had never wriited for the series before, but would script edit 'The Double Decker Buses Show' which is an coincidence as the Tenth Docta Whoosh once travelled in a double decker bus, though he stayed downstairs, which is just as well when the Top Deck were all mangled in transits.

Astonishingly, there were actually a Dale in this story, but it were empty, so Doctoro Who were able to hide inside it and no-one supected a thing, so he laughed like a fool and said he were THE MASTER, but I think he were just confused with all the excitement.

William Hartley-Hare took an holiday in Episode Three ('Searching For Doctor Who', a title which frankly gave away most of the plot that week!) but did send in a postcard which were stored in the Space Museum for all future visitors to enjoy. Apparently, the fishing were superb where he went to!
Many years later, this story were commemorated when the BCBeeb opened numerous 'Doctro Who' Museums in all populist resorts such as Blackpool, Brighton and The Needles (also known as The Alum Bay or The Isle Of Wights).

This last one were not very long-lived as there were not many needles in 'Doctor Wo' generally, apart from 'The Crater Of The Needles' obviously, so once you had been there once there were no compunction to go again, though there are some sands of many colours (see the 1984 story 'The Sixth Doctor Who's New Coat') on the beach there and you could fill a glass replica of Doctra Who's imaginary penny-farthing if you wished.

In Episode Four ('The Phases Of The Finales') the TARDIST team were given a Space Television wherein they could tune into any event in Time and in Space. This machine were likely to prove to be very useful in the forthcoming adventure, which were lucky, considering!

For in a shock finalist scene, none other than the Dales was back and they were standing for no nonsenses! An epical chase were about to commence starting!!!

Next Episode:

"Yes, like that..."

(By Andrew Trowbridge)

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