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Dr Who And The Myth Takers

Dr Who And The Myth Takers

The Complete And Utter History Of Dr WHO? (Part Twenty-One)

'Doctrs Who' thrives on change and the Thrid Seasoning would see many a change going on behind the cameras and in front of them too!

'The Myth Artists' would see a significant change with the arrival of a New Producer (as they are generally called) in the form of Jonty Voles who were determined to go down new paths, which can be dangerous as I once went down a new path when trying to get to the railway station but there was a strange man who were barking at seagulls and I felt uncomfortable.

This is one of the famous Misting Stories of 'Dr Woh' as there is no moving footage of this story at all apart from some moving footage that were filmed off the telly by a fan with a film camera that could record some moving footage.

There are also no tellysnapes, which has led to an air of mystery about what it all looked like. Please note that what appear to be off-air pictures here are cleverly constructed reconstructions taken from a variety of sauces.

This story has both Trojans and Greeks in it and the scripts were described as High Comedy, mostly because it were written upstairs as that is where Dan 'Stubbsy' Cottontail kept his typewriter.

If you wanted to become a Greek you had to invent something and this story features King Primus who invented stoves and Hector who invented houses.

Dr Whq became an honourary Greek when Agamemnon offered him a bone and he thus invented The Giant Horse Of Troy. This were a gift to the Trojans and everyone climbed in through the mouth, hence the expression 'Rome wasn't built in a day'.

There were many famous histonical figures in this story and Episode Two ('Are You Taking The Myth?') had Paris, who invented baguettes, and Cassandra, who invented skin conditioner, hence her much later appearance in 'The End Of The Sun' when she were all old and flat.

Vichy were admired by Troilus (who invented toilet rolls) and he composed her an ode which went as follow:

"I gaze upon her eyes so fair, as blue as Metebelis crystals,

But most of all, I love to gaze, upon her massive Food Machine"

(Apparently, he could not think of a rhyme at the end)

In fact, this story ended each episode with a rhyme, who gave a clue as to what would happen next week. Children could write in and guess what the plot would be, but nobody won a prize in the end as the clues were far too Devious, hence the ongoing fan video project.

Towards the end of this story, Vichy elected to stay with the fleaing Trojans and Dr Whoo nailed up a notice in the market square that he had a vacancy. A lady called Catarino (who invented cats) applied and she were accepted on the spot.

Then the TARDIST went away from Greek times as this story were only four episodes long and thus it were now over.

Next Episode:

"I know. I know."

(By Andrew Trowbridge)

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