Monday, 15 January 2018

“Silence in court!”

“Silence in court!”

Although we freely admit that we were pretty much making up the running order of Episode One as we went along, we had always planned to feature ‘Crown Court’. It’s one of those series that we’d dipped into out of curiosity which soon proved itself to be full of surprises.
Lisa was born in 1972 and was interested in seeing some material from then for her 40th birthday. So we took the plunge and ordered the first DVD set from Network. Frankly, we didn’t have high expectations, regarding it as early afternoon filler material, but the series soon proved itself to be much more ambitious and entertaining that one might think.

‘How To Rob A Memory Bank’ was our chosen example story for Episode One, though there were many other ones we could have highlighted. We were able to find the ‘TV Times’ listings online quite easily, which encouraged us to do this sort of research in the future.
It features a remarkable guest performance from Jack Shepherd, and even has its own special computer font for the some of the captions.
The sheer range of stories that ‘Crown Court’ attempts is very impressive. There’s even a surrealist one in the form of ‘An Upward Fall’ which has to be seen to be believed…
With 879 episodes to enjoy, we look forward to discovering new cases for many years to come!

(By Andrew Trowbridge)

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