Tuesday, 9 January 2018

"And here are the answers to last week's questions..."

"And here are the answers to last week's questions..."

So, we decided to do a podcast. And we even had a vague idea of the sort of things we'd talk about. But what sort of format should we use? And could we decide on a style?

Well, I'd been listening to a lot of 'Round The Horne' and not only did it inspire the title of 'Round The Archives', it gave us a clue as to how to present ourselves.

When you're a regular listener to 'Round The Horne' you soon decide on your favourite characters (Julian and Sandy or Rambling Sid Rumpo tend to be the ones that people talk about first, of course!) and look forward to them popping up each week. And if something wasn't to your taste, then hopefully something would be along soon that you'd prefer. So we were careful to ensure that each Episode has at least one guest voice apart from us. Obviously, we were keen to involve our old friends Nick, Warren and Paul as soon as possible. Three fine fellows who know their old telly and can talk about it in an entertaining way.

'RTH' also gave us much inspiration for the early opening and closing announcements and here we have to doff our caps to the show's wonderful interplay between Kenneth Horne and regular announcer Douglas Smith. 

But what we also wanted to achieve was the warm feeling of being among friends. Essentially you join us on the sofa and just listen to us natter. We'll even make you a cup of tea if you like!

(By Andrew Trowbridge)

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