Tuesday, 16 January 2018

“I salute thee…”

“I salute thee…”

As part of ‘Round the Archives’, we quite often cover a programme in tribute to someone involved who may have recently passed away. Or in the case of Dudley Simpson, the legendary composer for ‘Doctor Who’, ‘Blake’s 7’ and ‘The Tomorrow People’, we talked about his music and how it made us feel.

This means we get to watch many things that we cherished as children.

In the case of Brian Cant we re-watched some episodes of ‘Trumpton’, ‘Camberwick Green’ and ‘Chigley’ to listen to his wonderful narration. We also watched some bits and pieces of ‘Play School’ and ‘Playaway’ and it bought back many lovely memories and made us all feel happy.

We also tried to watch things in tribute to people that our listeners wouldn’t necessarily expect, so for John Hurt we watched him in an episode of ‘Gideon’s Way’.

Sometimes we just do a tribute to people without watching anything in particular, as in the case of Deborah Watling, where we talked about her role as Victoria Waterfield in general and memories of meeting and seeing her at conventions.

One of our more interesting choices was to cover the ‘Raffles’ episode ‘To Catch a Thief’ to celebrate Robert Hardy which features on Episode 14. It’s a great story with a superb performance by Robert Hardy and I urge you to seek it out and watch it.

Although we might be watching these episodes in sad circumstances we always enjoy them, and it usually makes us remember why we like the actor and series.

Andrew says that I always say at the end of these articles that I salute the person we are talking about and he’s right, I do probably over use it.  But in most cases I do mean it. I do salute them for all the lovely performances they’ve left for us to watch or listen to.

For the ‘Doctor Who’ people who passed away in 2017, Toby Hadoke has produced this lovely video.

(By Lisa Parker)

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