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Dr Who And The Monopticals

Dr Who And The Monopticals

The Complete And Utter History Of Dr WHO? (Part Twenty-Four)

With a wheeding, gurning sound TARDIST come into being in a jungle of some sort and Doo-Doo wasted no time in coming out.

She were dressed similar to a pageboy, which were a comment on the series  at the time as many of the earlier scripts had had pages and it were popular with boys. This is called metatextualisms and is difficult to pull off without rigorous training and should on no account be tried at home without careful supervisions.

She also done a sneeze right down the camera lens, which were a cheap but effective way of lending a misty atmosphere to the jungle set.

There were a real elephant used in this story, which tends not to happen much these days for obvious raisins...

There was also some drawings of animals with two heads, which later featured in the spin-off series 'Doctor Dooslittle' which were a sly reference to the fact that William Hartley-Hare had more time off under the new production teamings.

This story were set on the Sky-Ark which had steel skis so that it could move faster over rough terrain and it were set in the 57th Segmentation of Time which added variety.

Doo-Doo passed on her cold willy-nilly and it were necessary for Dr Whoosh to rediscover the secret of Vicks Sinex, which had been lost some time previous. All the Tunes in this story were recycled from earlier stories also.

The main monster in this were the Mono-oculoids (see illustration at top of page) who had one eye each and lived in a Secretive Kitchen in which they had school desks to keep their utensils in.

The Humanist Race were made all small and kept in trays until they arrived at the planet Refuse Too as the Earth were smoking too close to the sun at the time. The flight were being done by the Gordians who were not that good at Space Studies as they said Refuse Too were the only planet like Earth. Given that this were in the Year Ten Million or something, I think they had not even looked at a copy of The Observer's Book Of Planet, which doubtless would have had at least a Top Ten or something.

The Gordians were making a statute from Gregarious Rock but it would take hundreds of years to finish as they were basically bone-idle.

Episode Two ('The Plaque') is noticeable in that it are the first episode to feature Mr Bronson, who would return on numerical occasions.

Although Dr WHoo changed his face many times, Mr Bronson never did, so it is strange that DrWhO did not notice he kept meeting the same man, though he did notice when he kept on meeting the Brigadoon, but maybe that is because the Brigadoon wore a noticeable hat and Dr OHO had an eye for hats like that.

TARDIST went away and came back later, and now the statute were finished although it had a different head to the one on the construction plans which could have got them into trouble with the council authorities.

The TARDIST crew all came out together and they discovered that the Monopticons were now  giving the orders and they had guns that fired talcum powder in a threatening manner.

The Sky-Ark arrived at Refuse Too and it would have been ironical if the Refuse Men had refused them entry (ha ha!) but this did not happen as they was invisible, but liked flowers. There were some clever shots of the lunchers (as they was named) landing on the surface of the Refuse Planet, though nobody can now work out how they was done.

Then everyone settled their differences as it were the final episode (which tends to happen, except when it do not, of course) and the TARDIST went on wending its way, as is customary.

Then the Docto Who varnished but left his voices behind as they was under a tack...

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(By Andrew Trowbridge)

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