Sunday, 29 April 2018

"All you need is cold water and flour for dusting!"

"All you need is cold water and flour for dusting!"

Today's slightly unexpected video came into being when we discovered a forgotten box at the back of our legendary Tea Cupboard. With a Best Before Date of May 2008, we thought it best not to actually try any baking with it, but what we had unearthed was a long-forgotten packet of Green's Dalek Cookie Mix.

We'd used this once or twice before, after Lisa had purchased a rolling pin, but this particular one had travelled with us from Gillingham to Poole when we moved house in 2008 and had been shoved at the back and ignored for far too long.

There was a squeezy tube of icing gel that had once been bright orange, but was now a worrying shade of brown, so we felt that our reluctance to get the cooker going was justified.

As we mention in the video, when using the Dalek-shaped Cookie Cutter, there would always a spare bit left over and it didn't take us long to work out that you could make a creditable Dalek Mutant with the spare lump...

It also reminded us of how a while ago we'd thrown away a can of Crosse & Blackwell 'Doctor Who' pasta shapes, on the grounds that that a fair amount of rust had started to appear on the outsides of the tin. The only way to find out if it had penetrated inside was, of course, to get the tin-opener out and we felt that might get us into dangerous (and possibly rather smelly) waters...

It is, of course, possible to make your own unique brand of 'Doctor Who' fruit and veg, if you're prepared to get your carving knife out. Matt Smith's first broadcast story 'The Eleventh Hour' features an apple with a smiley face carved into it, but I was doing something similar many years before, but on a slightly larger scale.

Whenever possible, I always like to carve myself a Hallowe'en pumpkin or two, and I have been known to experiment with making Cyber-pumpkins. Hacking out a couple of handles isn't that much of an artistic challenge and does ensure they give out a decent amount of light in a darkened room.

Lisa has also reminded me that we once had a David Tennant / TARDIS cake with some very blue icing and we were daft enough to take a photo of it at the time...

I was never brave enough to buy a copy of Gary Downie's 'The Doctor Who Cookbook' when it originally came out (although our friend Helen did pick up a copy for herself a few years ago). What it possibly needed was a catchy promotional song in the vein of Jon Pertwee's 'Noodle Doodle Man'...

And once you've heard that, good luck in getting it out of your head!

(By Andrew Trowbridge)

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