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The Space Sensorians (In Space)

The Space Sensorians (In Space)

The Complete And Utter History of Dr WHO? (Part Eight)

One of Sidney 'Proctor' Neman's instructives to the production team of 'Dockta Who' was that they should include Big Eyed Monsters at every opportunity. The Dales and the Alien Vworp had proved equally successful, so it was time to introduce a third recurring alias species. Thus they done the Sensorinas, who had circular beards and hairy feet (see also J R Hartleys's 'The Hobbits And Back Again' and 'The Adventures of Tom Boombastic' starring Clive Dunn as the wizard Grandalf)

The first episode of this cereal is noticeable for the scene in which the TARDIST crewd recalls severals of their previous televisualised adventures, such as 'Dr Who And The Parsons's Nose' (in which Dr Who went to Norwich and saved a quiz show host from having his nose shot off in a dual). They also said about stories that were not showed on television including 'Dr Who And The Quincy Planet' which happened previously and starred Jack Klugman (ME) as the planet Quincy.

Epinsode One ('Stranger Than Spaces') saw The Dr Who pilate a spaceship and say the word 'molybdeum' both of which we had never seen him done before. This epinsode also features a bit where the mysterious Sensorinas turn the lock of the TARDIS, open some doors (this inspired the producers of 'Play School' some weeks earlier) and make a strange face appear at the square window of the spaced ship.

This story, which concerns Deadly Nightshade (later to appear as Belladonna The Witch in 'The Herbs') also has a bit where Barabar spends a forthnight under the sunlamp on the spaceship and John and Gelatine say that their home plant has a sky made from burnt oranges and silver foil (see also 'Magpie').

The Stentorians was an interesting adversity for Dr Whoo in that they invented Cat's Eyes and Aqueducts, but feared Noise Pollution. Thus when The Who shouted at them, they covered their ears so they could hear no evils. They was also played by old men, such as Petra Graze who invented snack boxes and had previously appeared as a caveman in 'Doctor Who And The Gummed-Up Tribe'.

Epinsode Six ('A Dispersed Adventure') also boosted the first every model shot of a model spaceship as Captain Mainwaring's Spaced Ship ('The Black Pig') flew away into the distant tarry sky.

Then Doctor Who got into a paddy and threatened to eject everyone into the outside. Once they landed, of course! He was not totally heartless!

Next Episode:

"Hey, there's a damp patch in the wall here..."

(By Andrew Trowbridge)

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