Tuesday, 6 February 2018

The Complete And Utter History Of Dr WHO? (Part One)

The Complete And Utter History Of Dr WHO? (Part One)

Foreward by Solicitor Grey

From the desk of Solicitor Grey,

Commissioner Of Prisons to King George,


12 th April 1745.(Or possibly 1746, I forget which...)

Dear 'Round The Archives',

Thank you for your letter of the 6th February 2018. I am not sure how you physically managed to get it to me here in the middle of the 18th century, but Perkins is suffering from eyestrain and may have mis-read the date.

I am afraid I can only recommend purely legal documents of a very high standard and am therefore unable to provide a Foreward for your rather strange enterprise. You mention that I have met this so-called Doctor von Wer, but in truth I encounter so many people in my profession that it is hard to keep track of!

Now kindly desist from annoying me!

Yours sincerely,

Solicitor Grey,

(Note to Perkins: Put some letters after my name. That always impresses the more plebian classes)

PS: My charge for this letter is the standard 3 guineas. Please forward to my Scottish Office (address above), where I shall be spending the remaining weeks of April.


Dr WHO? started on xxth August 1963 (Note to self: don't forget to check that later!) . Think for a minute what that means. If you were born on that day, you're really, REALLY old. If you were old enough to actually WATCH it, you're probably dead! Up to 7 people watch 'DR Who' each Saturday, and with a particularly popular set designer, those figures zoom even higher. Dr Who is a National Institution (a bit like Gnome Athletic football club or Thurrock and Basildon College) and has entertained several children for a couple of years or so. But how did it all start? What led to the creation of DOCTOR Who?

Sadly most of the General Public don't give a toss over this. They might know the odd bit of trivia, like the fact that Vere Lorrimer was the first producer, but ask them to list the production codes of all the John Pertweeee (note to self: spelling?) stories and they start backing away like nobody's business. Believe us, we've tried!

But now at last the story can be told. After extensive research in the pages of 'TV Quick' and 'Blake's 7 Summer Special 1982' we have compiled what must be the most exhausting analysis of the making of 'Dr Whom' that has ever been committed. No stone will be left untried as we travel through time and Spain to bring you nothing but the FANTASTIC FAX!

So join us as we attempt to discover just HOW is  'Doctor Who?'!!!

To be continued...

(By Andrew Trowbridge)

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