Monday, 18 March 2019



We've reduced the frequency of these blog posts in recent weeks as an experiment and it doesn't seem to have affected the numbers very much. So that's probably good news for everyone!

It does mean that we haven't flagged up every video we've done this month, though. So we ought to at least mention one of the more recent ones, if only to use up the rather strange screengrabs we've ended up with.

Our journey through the first year of 'Blake's 7' has reached 'Bounty' and the all obvious chocolate jokes are present and correct, of course. But I've still got my old cloak from our filmed-but-never-edited amateur 'Blake' attempt, so it seemed as good a time as any to present it to the wider world. I'd never claim that it was the best bit of T.P. McKenna cosplay you'll ever see, perhaps, but considering how rare this probably is, I would hope it would make it into your Top Ten.

And my LP of 'Children's TV Themes' by Cy Payne and his orchestra seems to be fondly remembered by a few people, judging by the comments we've received, even if the version of 'The Magic Roundabout' does go all weird in the middle section.

And at least my attempt at reconstructing the Bounty advert (The Taste Of Paradise) terminates quickly when Lisa points out that I'm actually singing the song for Flake...

Our video on 'Blake's 7 : Bounty' can be seen here.

(Written by Andrew Trowbridge)

Monday, 11 March 2019

"It's Ethel calling... (from 1992!)"

"It's Ethel calling... (from 1992!)"

Episode 235 of 'The Shy Life Podcast' has recently been released and events take a very strange turn this time when Paul receives a number of odd phone calls apparently coming from 1992.

A strange lady, who just happens to live suspiciously close to Sutton Park, thinks that Paul is about to start studying at the local university and gets in contact to give his particulars a good going-over.

There is clearly something very weird going on with the timelines and the mystery requires immediate investigation.

Ethel has an uncanny knack for saying things that sound very rude (even if she doesn't mean them to) and asks Paul a number of leading questions. So you can find out whether and where he'll be spreading his seed in the holidays, if that knowledge is at all important to you.

I flag this unusual one up in partcular, as I may have helped a bit with this episode...

Episode 235 of 'The Shy Life Podcast' can be heard here.

But be careful not to suck on the wrong sort of musharoom when listening to it!

(Written by Andrew Trowbridge)

Thursday, 7 March 2019

You're taller than you sound!

You're taller than you sound!

We've sometimes joked about doing a 'Round The Archives' convention, possibly involving lugging our tatty old sofa on stage at some far-flung hotel.

But the logistics of this are very much the stuff of fantasy, so if the sofa can't come to you, you have to come to the sofa.

Thus we were very happy to welcome Andy Priestner to 'RTA' Towers last night, where we spent some quality time having fish & chips and white wine. Plus somehow managing to record some material for a future episode.

We'll not give too much away here (after all, we must preserve our air of pure mystery), but even I was somewhat surprised that we had more indirect connections that either of us knew, having both attended the Exo-Space conventions at the very start of the 1990s.

Andy finds himself in all sorts of exotic places from time to time, but when his work brough t him to Bournemouth, we could hardly pass up the opportunity to meet up. Though his first words to me mostly involved his surprise that I was taller then he imagined. Mind you, Lisa is always telling me to sit up straight in our videos, so it's understandable...

A fine time was had by all - it would have been awkward if we suddenly found we didn't get on in real life - and we think you'll be entertained by the chat we had.

Andy's latest podcast (Episode 10 of 'World Enough And Time') concerns 'The Stones Of Blood' and can be heard here.

In short, any podcast which features two people bellowing 'ODILE DICKS-MIREAUX!!!' to each other is alright in my book!

Andy can be heard talking about 'Secret Army' on Episode 25 of 'Round The Archives' here.

His piece on 'Maelstrom' is on Episode 27, which can be heard here.

(Written by Andrew Trowbridge)

Thursday, 28 February 2019

Episode 33 now available!

Episode 33 now available!

Episode 33 (RTA033) sees us take a trip to Chigley, where Tim Worthington joins us to discuss how Mister Antonio got involved with arranging 'A Present For Lord Belborough'.

Martin Holmes takes a look at a 1977 publication about  'Doctor Who' Companions, then Bob Fischer and Andrew T Smith conclude their chat about 'Last Of The Summer Wine'.

Nick Goodman considers the forthcoming Dalek books by Eric Saward along with the animation of 'The Macra Terror' then Simon Exton & Ken Moss of 'The ExtonMoss Experiment' podcast review the pilot episode of 'MacGyver'.

Episode 33 of 'Round The Archives' can be heard here.

(Written by Andrew Trowbridge)

(Episode 33 cover by Martin Holmes)

Thursday, 21 February 2019

It Pays To Advertise your Duel

It Pays To Advertise your Duel

Blake might be a dedicated freedom fighting, striving to overthrow a corrupt system, but he still can't draw for toffee.

His attempt in 'Duel' (also known as 'Oval' if you read the 'DWB' guide to 'Blakes 7' viewing figures) to draw a tactical diagram of the relative positions of the Liberator and Travis' 'pershoot' (sic) ships actually ends up looking like the winking face of a clown.

But this is the only one done by Douglas Camfield, and we must applaud his attempts to make the whole thing visually interesting, even if the circular multi-coloured thing used when Blake's chopper appears does seem to later turn up in 'Chockablock'.

As usual, we had great fun with our weekly dose of 'Blake' and our YouTube video has a couple of quotes that we feel are worth preserving, if only for their slight air of oddness.

Meanwhile, at Grace Brothers, we were so concerned with where Miss Brahms got her Bugs Bunny-style carrot from in the end credits that we totally failed to mention the director credit for Bob Spiers.

How much Mister Humphries based his director persona on Bob is debatable, but he seems to work quite well with his cameraman, even if the whole thing is a bit of a shambles with Mister Grainger having difficulties in his trouser region.

The Spike Milligan advert that Young Mister Grace talks about where he (Spike, that is, not Young Mister Grace!) jumps through the bottom of a boat is a commercial for Benson & Hedges and also features Peter Sellers. You'll find it in the YouTube place, as we did.

So farewell then, Mister Grainger, you will very much be missed. We will raise a cocktail shaker in your honour!

Now, who's this Mister Tebbs we've heard about, then? We wonder what sort of cakes he likes?

Our video about 'Duel' can be seen here.

Our video about 'It Pays To Advertise' can be seen here.

(Written by Andrew Trowbridge)

Monday, 18 February 2019

The Enemy Of The World Episode 3

The Enemy Of The World Episode 3

A flurry of activity in Norway yesteday saw the stats for the 'Round The Archives' podcast beat its previous monthly record, with over 400 listens registering.

It's always good to see the y-axis of the graph having to rescale itself, but I'm almost having to stop mysef from going mad and releasing Episode 33 before the end of February. Though it would be nice to get through the magic 500 barrier, which is our next big milestone.

I'm not sure whether Griffin the chef would be impressed by this news, however. But then my inability to peel spuds would at least give him something to complain about.

Even to this day, I can't help thinking about Episode 3 of 'The Enemy Of The World' as being The One That Exists, as that's effectively been its status for about 90% of my life. Even though, of course, the mssing episodes were never really missing, just misplaced.

But Reg Lye's turn in the kitchen is one of those that sticks in the mind and Lisa much prefers him to Gordon Gostelow in 'The Space Pirates'.

So, we've decided that his apperance as Old Gory in 'The Ghosts Of Motley Hall' will be the subject of our non-'Doctor Who' chat for this story. And as a bonus, there's a 'Sapphire & Steel' link there, too...

So we'd better break out the Kaiser pudding in celebration!

Our video about 'The Enemy Of The World' Episode 3 can be seen here.

(Written by Andrew Trowbridge)

Saturday, 16 February 2019

Goodbye Mr Grainger

Goodbye Mr Grainger

All we can think is that there's been a directive from (raises eyes heavenwards) Head Of Comedy level.

It's April Fools Day 1977 and someone must have had a word with the 'Are You Being Served?' production team, telling them to get more colours onto the screen at once.

Suddenly, the logo is rendered in a garish blue and Mr Humphries is flogging a red thing to a bloke  whilst shamelessly displaying his orange and green pants for all to see.

'Goodbye Mr Grainger' also sees Mr Harman showing off his ability to do atmospheric lighting when he turns them all off except a carefully-positioned spotlight that just happens to be in the right place when Mr Grainger wants to sit down on a chair and write his resignation letter.

Arthur Brough will be back for his final appearance next week, but he gets to oscillate between crabby and friendly here and we'll miss him when he's gone.

On the 'Round The Archives' front, we've now recorded all the main material needed for Episode 33, but the way we've done one item means that there's more editing needed thsn usual.

Hopefully it'll all come together and in the meantime we must thank Tim Worthington for helping us do some good work on Thursday night. We've been meaning to do something with him for ages and we hope to repeat the experience at some time in the future.

But you'll have to wait until March before you get to hear the full details of our concerns about what yellow ice lollies are actually made of...

Our video on 'Goodbye Mr Grainger' can be seen here.

(Written by Andrew Trowbridge)


Bounty We've reduced the frequency of these blog posts in recent weeks as an experiment and it doesn't seem to have affected the ...